The 1975 at SAP Center

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SAP Center | San Jose, California

The 1975

If you are an ALTERNITAVE music fan think of the fun you could have at a The 1975 show on a Thursday evening along with a whole bunch of other fans vibing along to all the tracks..this could be a realist on the fall, 2023 The 1975 states tour! Do you know the stunning SAP Center, California, San Jose? Well, now you can buy access to the big night from today! This is sure to be the best evening of September so why not get your friends to join you? ACCESS CAN BE PURCHASED FOR ALL DATES RIGHT AWAY, press the 'GET TICKETS' button to bag yours!

When alternative music fans want to experience the best talent and awesome events in San Jose, California, the world famous SAP Center is never far from the conversation. That’s because the SAP Center provides everything that fans of the genre need from their concert experience. The SAP Center has a wide space for fans including lots of standing room so that you can enjoy the show without being too cramped. You can also savour on-site refreshments from the fully stocked bar. They’ll even have a darkly lit atmosphere that will add to the ambiance of your viewing experience. Alternative music can’t get much better than it is when enjoying it at the SAP Center.

The 1975 at SAP Center

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