Feid at SAP Center

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SAP Center | San Jose, California


Feel the musical bravado as Feid spits a gutsy hip hop number, lading at California this coming Wednesday 1st May 2024 at SAP Center, San Jose. Seize the bars flying over the venue as Feid will hit heavy bars that will make your mind boggle with the groovy tunes on record.

This concerts will display the wavy and fire mixtape of Feid as they fire up the stages with their swag moves for the hip hop fans to vibe with. From top to drop, get ready to be shook as some mesmerizing flows are waiting for the fans to watch the best hip hop feast on notice.

Behold with the sound of the scratching vinyl , call the hip hop gods and pray for a free pass as Feid drops it down to the center stage with a fast and head-vibing style on the mic for a mic dropping hip hop jam for the crowd to enjoy. Get your tickets now for Feid on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at SAP Center!

When it comes to delivering top-notch hip hop concerts, nobody does it better than SAP Center. Order your ticket for this hot gig. All roads lead to San Jose in California for the assembling of the illest hip hop rappers during Feid. SAP Center spares effort in decking and lighting the huge stage. The surround sound ensures the clarity of the blaring speakers and the revelers have a fantastic time. The staff in SAP Center is super courteous and if you feel dehydrated you can refuel with plentiful drinks. Reserve a ticket today before other fans beat you to it!

Feid at SAP Center

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